1. Introduction

This document states in detail the privacy policy of the business “Electric Skateboards Australia”, also known as “ESA” in the short form, which would be referred to in the following document as “we”, “us” or “our”.

We strictly adhere to our privacy policies and this privacy policy has been drafted to extend information on our maintenance, preservation, and divulgence of personal information. Once you are providing the information to ESA, you acknowledge our procedures of utilizing, storing, analyzing, and maintaining your personal information.

We are at liberty to alter the privacy policy anytime. With your continued use of our website, it would simply indicate that you agree to the latest updated privacy policies. We request you to keep a regular eye on the page to know of any possible changes.

2. Types of personal information gathered at ESA
Following personal information are gathered at ESA:

  • Name
  • DOB (Date of Birth)
  • Age
  • Post address
  • Email ID
  • Phone number
  • Social media details
  • Credit card details or other payment details
  • Details concerning questionnaires, promotion, or surveys of clients
  • Details regarding third parties
  • Details concerning the consumer’s business or other personal information
  • Type of device being used – IP address, Geographic location, etc.
  • Advertising details and basic weblog details
  • Any other information provided by you to us through other mediums, surveys, polls, etc.

3. Manners of collecting personal details
We often use third parties for collecting data wherein:

  • You have contacted us directly
  • Filled up online forms
  • Communicated with us through SMS, Email, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, or any other social medial platform
  • Have already bought shares of our business or willing to buy shares of our business

We can gain information straight from our website by using analytical devices, cookies, and other tracking options that can be implemented to analyze your pattern of using our website. You have the option to dismiss cookies if you do not prefer getting your information stored.

4. Using your personal information
We use the data obtained from you for the following purposes:

  1. To provide you with useful information or services
  2. To maintain records and carry out administrative functions
  3. To comply with the legal obligations and maintain the relationships with third parties
  4. To provide the information concerning our staff, contractors, agents, executives, third parties, etc.
  5. To improvise customer service relationships
  6. To provide you with advertisements and various other lucrative promotional offers that might interest you. We also use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. for targeted marketing from our end. You can unsubscribe to stop getting the messages.
  7. To give you notifications, admin’s messages, security alerts, announcements, updates, etc.
  8. To gain job information from you

We are at complete liberty to extend your personal details to cloud providers, suppliers, and third parties related to the business in and out of Australia. In case we prefer to do so, we will be responsible to make sure that the recipients handle the personal information as carefully as we do.

5. Security
We take extra measures to keep your personal information safe from data abuse and unauthorized access. We also use Information management systems that apply various levels of encryption. Besides, we also use reliable administrative and technological security for added measures. Nevertheless, we do not agree to the non-disclosure of your data.

6. Links
Our website might contain links to other websites. The links are provided for extra information and those might not be secured or maintained. We would not be held responsible for links to other websites visible on our website. We would request you to check the privacy policy of those particular websites before accepting cookies or providing information.

7. Requesting access or correction of personal information
If you wish to have possession of the personal information that we have of you, you can directly contact us mentioning your name and contact information. We would have to substantiate your identity before handing you the personal details. We might require a due course of time for the aforementioned purpose to maintain the safety protocols. There might also be a possibility where we are unable to provide you with any personal details, the reason to which would be explained to you.

If you wish to correct any personal information, please follow similar steps to reach us.

8. Complaints
In case of any complaints, feel free to reach us with your name and contact information. We would look into the matter and get back.

9. Contact us
To have more details on our privacy policy, correct or add information, or lodge a complaint, reach us at support@electricscootersaustralia.com.au